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December BOD Meeting

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A Mariner House Board of Directors meeting was held via conference call on Tuesday, December 11.  President Bill Hathaway called the meeting to order at 5:04 pm.  Board members present were Ira Rubenstein, Molly McKeown, David Hamm and Gloria Kunz making a quorum.  Tracy Canty also participated.

Property Manager Report

  • CAM fee info in the mail
  • 2ndQ financials on Web site
  • Stroll is over; Mariner House will be busy for the next month
  • New dishwasher in Essex
  • Waiting for meeting with our attorney M. Wilson re foreclosure process discussed last month
  • Messages left for R. Rodriguez re sale of interval
  • Defiance work will begin 2nd week in January.
  • Chimney flues to be cleaned


Old Business

  • The Board had voted to go forward on foreclosures of intervals owned by Oceanic and Support Affiliation. Tracy is attempting to meet with our attorney.
  • Will question our lawyer on the procedure for document and/or covenant changes as well as adding to the By-Laws. To be discussed at next meeting.


  • New Business


Motion to table election of officers made by G.l Kunz, seconded by B. Hathaway.  Carried unanimously.  Will vote next meeting on January 8.  Tracy will contact remaining board members.


There being no other issues of discussion, Elizabeth Jackson moved to adjourn  the meeting; seconded by Gloria Kunz.   The meeting was adjourned at 5:31 pm.


Please note the next conference call will be held Tuesday, January 8.

at 5:00 pm.