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March BOD Meeting

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A Mariner House Board of Directors meeting was held via conference call on Tuesday,

March 10, 2020.  President Bill Hathaway called the meeting to order at 5:02 pm. Board members

in attendance were; Kerric Harvey, Gloria Kunz, Marty DeMartino, Elizabeth Jackson and David

Ham. Tracy Canty was also in attendance as Property Manager.


Property Manager Report  

·          Essex improvements are complete. There is new carpeting, and new upholstery.

·          Chairs in Fame and Columbia are being re-upholstered.

·          Received the 2020 Appraisal Report from Clancy Appraisals.

·          Repairs are being made as necessary.

·          Nantucket is very quiet.




·          “Buy Back Program”

-Working on the draft of letter to be sent to owners

-The Board discussed whether to include portions of the appraisal in letter; letter will

discuss rationale behind discontinuing buyback program only

·          Tracy presented a listing of owners in arrears and in collections.

·          Discussed success/or lack thereof of Collections procedure.  Gloria Kunz moved to cancel the

collections contract for an owner in extreme arrears and move same to foreclosure.  Seconded

by Kerrick Harvey and passed unanimously.  Upon completion of the foreclosure process,

the interval in question can be sold.

·          Additional discussion on the existing procedure and time line for placing owners in arrears

with a collection agency. It is felt that the grace period for owners in arrears needs to shorten.

Further discussion on this matter was tabled to the next meeting.

·          Other issues involve owners who do not pay their annual fees in a timely fashion.  There

are presently 16 owners who have not paid or made arrangements to pay.  Addressing

this issue was also tabled to the next meeting.





Bill Hathaway made a motion to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Marty DeMartino.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:26.


Respectfully submitted,


Gloria Kunz