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Mariner House opening May 22, 2020 and Covid-19 information

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May 15, 2020

Dear Mariner House owners,

As you all know Mariner House has been closed due to a directive from the State of Massachusetts that all non-essential businesses be closed.  The order will be lifted on May 18th.  We are anticipating opening Mariner House, Friday, May 22, 2020.  As we move forward we are mindful of keeping our owners, guests and the community as safe as possible. We are putting in place significant measures to ensure that everyone stays safe.

Our Cleaners are implementing the following;

  • Vehicles are disinfected at the beginning of each day, with only 2 people, masked, to a car.
  • Masks, gloves and shoe booties are put on when entering each job.
  • When the job is complete, just outside the door, gloves, and booties are discarded. As the girls leave, they will also be wiping down the doorknobs.
  • Vacuums, mops, buckets etc. are sprayed and wiped with medical grade disinfectant before placing in the car.
  • Car door handles are sprayed and wiped with medical grade disinfectant as well as frequently touched surfaces.
  • Hands are then disinfected and they will proceed to the next job and repeat the procedure.

After Cleaning is completing we will be De-fogging Mariner House to disinfect and sanitize surfaces.  Each apartment as well as the common areas will be sprayed.

With that said, there will be necessary changes that need to be implemented.

  • No early check-in’s or late check –outs will be allowed.

Check-in will be at 4:00 P.M. so that workers may safely do their job and be socially distant.  We will also need the additional time to de-fog and spray.

  • No luggage will be allowed to be stored in the foyer. Please plan your arrival and departure accordingly.
  • Please be aware that you must wear a mask on both boat lines coming to the island and the airplanes.
  • Masks and gloves must be worn in the common areas of Mariner House.
  • Links to Massachusetts Corona Virus rules and procedures and Nantucket’s are below that will provide up-to-date information for your traveling needs.



Tracy Canty

Property Manager